Why Bespoke

Data-driven decision making is both an art and a science. While it is important to be aware of various data manipulation techniques, the “art” in the data analysis – such as asking the right questions and choosing methods appropriate to questions is no less important. Bespoke leverages a strong background in both quantitative methods and business in order to deliver maximum value.


Currently, Bespoke Data Insights is a single-person team.  Karthik Shashidhar has over eight years of experience working with data-intensive engagements across financial services, logistics and manufacturing industries. He has worked on algorithmic trading (both high frequency and execution), revenue management, airline pricing, incentive structuring and sabermetrics, among other things.

Karthik has a B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (equivalent to MBA) from IIM Bangalore.

The Engagement

We take a business problem, and structure and break it down in a way it can be solved using data. Working together with the client, we procure the data and analyze it in a way that our questions are answered. Finally, based on what the data tells us, we provide a set of business recommendations.

Bespoke’s strength is in quantitative methods and in dealing with data, and we do not seek to restrict ourselves to any particular sectors. Instead, we seek to leverage our expertise in quantitative methods with the client’s sectoral knowledge for our recommendations.

The Output

The output of our engagement is typically a set of recommendations. In certain cases, we might also help train the client employees so that they can make best use of the recommendations and use it on a continuing basis.

As a practice, we are not a software firm, and hence do not provide code or software solutions.


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