Bespoke Data Insights is a single-person Management Consulting firm based in Bangalore, India, run by Karthik Shashidhar. Bespoke helps clients solve business problems using a data-driven approach.

Examples of work done so far:

  1. Incentive computation: A large part of the compensation for salespersons and sales agents of financial services firms is variable. The client was facing massive cost overruns in its variable compensation programs, without the increased spend translating into sales. We analyzed past structures of incentive schemes and “contests”, to arrive at a framework for managing such programs. This included recommendations on optimal budget for such schemes and designs on what kind of schemes should be used to drive what kinds of behaviour among salespersons.
  2. Sales organization plan: What started off as a project to introduce analytics into hiring processes turned into a recommendation for a sales organization plan. We  recommended what the optimal “span” of a sales manager needs to be, how salespersons are to be recruited and let go, and how rewards and recognition programs can be used to drive sales behaviour in the desired fashion.
  3. Predicting quality of business: An insurance sale is not “closed” the moment the policy has been filed – there are several steps for “leakage”, such as withdrawal, non-persistency, complaints, etc. As part of this exercise, we helped build a predictive model to enable the management to pre-emptively assess the quality of sales. The model also helped discover attributes of sales that were correlated to higher business quality.
  4. Inventory optimization for retail chain: Inventory costs form a massive portion of the running costs for a retail business, but the number of sources of uncertainty means that setting inventory levels is not an easy task. We needed to deal with randomness in sales, ordering cycles, delivery cycles, delivery quantity, etc. in order to arrive at the optimal inventory level.
  5. Sanitation study: This was some work we did with a Bangalore-based not-for-profit in the sanitation space. Before they embarked on an assignment use behavioural factors to drive increased toilet usage, we did some analysis to help them understand what drives toilet ownership in India.

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